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Testimonials and Contact

     "If you are looking to become the best singer you can possibly become, look no further. Chip King is by far the authority on teaching proper, and elite vocalism. I have learned the most that I have ever learned in the span of 10 months than I have had with prior vocal teachers. The thing is, Chip is a vocal TEACHER. Not a coach. Ever since I've worked with Chip, I've learned to raise my soft palate, support and use a constant stream of air to sing upon. Since taking lessons, I have just landed my very first operatic role, if you are looking for a teacher, PLEASE do yourself a favor and go to Chip King. Your range will increase, your support will increase and your understanding of why you are singing and what you are singing will be clear. Chip has had over 40 years of experience in classical voice and has sung with the best of them, why because he is one of the best of them. Look no have stumbled upon this page for a reason!!" - Eugene Steficek

     "Despite performing actively on stage since the age of ten, before meeting Christopher “Chip” King I didn’t know the first thing about vocal technique. In no time at all, he had me singing better than I could have ever dreamed! In under a year, I progressed from virtually no knowledge of vocal technique - to acceptance at a major conservatory. If you want to take singing seriously, he is the man you’re looking for!!" - Matthew Ciuffitelli

If you are truly interested in developing your voice to its fullest potential and uncovering the voice that is individually yours, I would welcome the opportunity of providing you a complementary consultation. Please contact me by either phone or e-mail using the information below. I am available to travel to a location of your convenience or by other arrangement. I look forward to hearing from you! - Christopher


88 Edison Road

Sparta, NJ 07871


Lessons by Appointment

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