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Christopher King,
Tenor & Teacher of Voice

From a Student.....

"Chip King has transformed my voice.  Before studying with Chip,  I was unsure of how to breathe for singing, how to support my sound,  and how to create a glorious, resonant tone.  Chip's excellent teaching has made me confident in all of these areas.  Every lesson offers new insight and inspiration, as Chip uses his amazing capacity to hear what is going on inside.  He hears everything that I am doing physically, mentally, and spiritually, and is able to lead me to that beautiful place of freedom:  freedom of technique, freedom from over-thinking, freedom of expression.  I have never met a teacher who cares so deeply for his students and for the art of singing.  Chip is an amazing artist, a great communicator, a sensitive listener, and a gentle teacher who guides his students safely to sing more beautifully than they could ever imagine!"

- Dorothy 

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